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Deception of the Novelist (2019)

Nonton Film Deception of the Novelist (2019) Streaming Movie Subtitle Indonesia Download Film Bioskop Online

Sinopsis Deception of the Novelist – Film ketiga dari trilogi “Due West” yang berkisar pada seks, cinta, hubungan dan kepedulian sosial datang “Deception of the Novelist“. Film ini sedikit banyak tentang perselingkuhan, tentang pernikahan yang gagal dan tentang pembunuhan yang berakhir dengan banyak kejutan. Bahkan jika tidak sepenuhnya berhasil dalam pelaksanaannya, skrip ini sebagian besar ambisius dan kreatif karena penonton dibawa naik roller coaster yang menarik dengan banyak tikungan yang tidak terduga termasuk keunggulan pada genre penyiksaan

The Deception of the Novelist revolves around Justin’s character as a famous novelist who receives a large inheritance after his father’s passing. He rents out one of his inherited properties to a Japanese/Chinese woman named Elaine (portrayed by Linah Matsuoka) and they embark on an affair, causing rifts in his marriage with Jeanna Ho (何佩瑜). One night, Elaine is suddenly found dead in the balcony of the house. When police start their investigation, they realize that there are a lot of suspicious factors to the case leading them to suspect that this is not their normal kidnapping or revenge against an unfaithful husband case.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: Bluray


IMDb: 5.2

Deception of the Novelist (2019)